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Footprint Insoles are a revolutionary brand of insoles for skate shoes that are designed to provide ultimate comfort and protection to your feet while skating. The brand was founded in 2008 by Jason Guadalajara. Jason saw a need for an insole that could absorb impact and protect skateboarders' feet from the constant pounding they endure while skating. He worked with a team of designers and engineers to create a range of insoles that would not only protect, but also enhance the performance of skateboarders.

One of the key features of Footprint Insoles is the technology used in their design. They are made with a unique 'nano technology' material, which is designed to absorb up to 90% of impact energy. This means that when you jump or land on your skateboard, the insoles will absorb a significant amount of the shock, reducing the stress on your feet and joints. This technology is especially helpful for skateboarders who suffer from foot or ankle pain as a result of skating, but has also been adopted by an increasing number of Cirque Du Soleil performers and even NASA!