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Deus ex Machina, a phrase meaning "god from the machine," burst onto the Australian cultural scene in 2006, leaving an indelible mark. This innovative brand, founded by Carby Tuckwell and Dare Jennings, introduced a refreshing concept that emphasized the joy of actively engaging in activities rather than merely possessing material objects. The Deus philosophy harks back to a time when the pursuit of fun, be it through motorcycling, surfing, skateboarding, or any other passion, was not divided into rigid factions driven by commercial interests.

Deus has expanded its reach globally, establishing and managing a variety of motorcycle cafes in different corners of the world. From the iconic Venice Beach in the United States to the vibrant Canggu in Indonesia, Amsterdam, Ibiza and Berlin are all home to cafes and we even have one here in Boscombe in the United Kingdom! Deus has created havens for motorcycle enthusiasts to gather, share stories, and revel in their shared love for the open road.

In addition to their thriving motorcycle business, Deus ventured into the world of fashion, offering a range of stylish clothing items. Their collection boasts an array of must-have pieces, including heavyweight t-shirts, classic trucker caps, and functional but exquisitely crafted jackets. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to quality, Deus has become synonymous with fashion-forward apparel that perfectly complements their motorcycle-focused lifestyle.

Not content with conquering the realms of motorcycles and fashion, Deus has further expanded its horizons. Deus Surf, a division dedicated to the art of riding waves, has emerged as a natural extension of the brand's ethos. This branch of Deus embodies the same spirit of adventure and camaraderie, providing surfers with a platform to connect, explore, and celebrate their shared passion for the ocean.

In a testament to their versatility and ability to transcend boundaries, Deus has even made its mark in the realm of music. Deus Records Japan, an offshoot of the brand, has emerged as a platform for talented artists to showcase their music and connect with a wider audience. By delving into the world of music, Deus demonstrates their commitment to fostering creativity and supporting artists in their pursuit of self-expression.

In summary, Deus ex Machina has firmly established itself as a cultural force, captivating individuals worldwide with its unique philosophy and diverse offerings. From their motorcycle cafes that serve as gathering places for like-minded enthusiasts, to their fashionable clothing line and ventures into the realms of surfing and music, Deus continues to push boundaries and inspire individuals to embrace a life filled with passion, adventure, and the pursuit of fun.