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Carhartt traces its roots back to 1889 when Hamilton Carhartt founded it in Detroit, Michigan. With a vision to provide affordable workwear for railroad workers, Carhartt quickly established itself as the original Detroit clothier. In 1994, Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) was established by Edwin Faeh, taking inspiration from the original Carhartt workwear. WIP embarked on developing its own unique collections, building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor. By incorporating authentic adaptations of the robust American archetypes, Carhartt WIP managed to captivate the attention of various subcultures that wholeheartedly embraced the brand. This journey into new territories allowed Carhartt WIP to place itself in a fresh context, enabling it to create its own classics. The brand's commitment to staying true to its heritage while adapting to the evolving tastes and preferences of its audience has been instrumental in its success. Beyond its clothing lines, Carhartt WIP has expanded its influence by establishing its own skate team and music department. By nurturing and supporting emerging artists, Carhartt WIP has become a platform for creative expression within these subcultures. Additionally, the brand has also ventured into the world of publications, releasing various works that further contribute to its cultural impact.