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If you want to get anywhere on your skateboard, having decent bearings is absolutely essential. While some may view them as a basic requirement, there is actually a lot more to bearings than meets the eye. Apart from the commonly used Abec rating, which measures the technical precision of bearings on a scale from Abec 3 to Abec 9, there are also specialised bearings specifically designed for skateboarding purposes. The Abec rating system provides a simple measurement of precision, indicating that higher-rated bearings should spin faster. However, this rating alone fails to consider the additional forces that skateboard bearings endure compared to, for example, bearings found in a washing machine. Skate Rated bearings, such as Bones Reds, Super Reds, or Swiss bearings, are specifically engineered to withstand the unique pressures experienced within a skateboard wheel. These bearings are often regarded as the top choice for skateboarders, offering both exceptional performance and durability.