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A Skateboard tool is an essential accessory that makes assembling or modifying any skateboard part a breeze. Even the most basic skateboard tools are equipped with both allen and philips options for the easy removal of truck bolts. Additionally, these tools feature 5/16" fittings for axle nuts and 3/8" fittings for kingpin nuts, ensuring full compatibility every part of your skateboard. For those seeking a more advanced tool, there are higher-end options available that offer additional features. Some of these premium tools boast ratchet systems, enabling easy and precise adjustments. They may also include griptape files or bearing pushers, simplifying the process of replacing worn-out bearings. Regardless of the specific tool you choose, having a skateboard tool in your skate pack is always a wise decision. It serves as a reliable solution for any unexpected issues that may arise during your skate session. Whether it's tightening loose bolts or making on-the-spot adjustments, this versatile tool ensures that you can quickly address any skateboard hardware-related problem.