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On 8 June 2018, Shane O'Neill, took to Instagram to make a groundbreaking announcement. He revealed his decision to part ways with his current board sponsor and embark on a new venture by establishing his very own skateboard company. This bold move showcased his entrepreneurial spirit and determination to carve his own path in the industry.

Fast forward to 5 May 2019, O'Neill once again utilised the power of Instagram to unveil the name of his newfound company - April Skateboards. The brand was named after Shane's daughter - 'April O'Neill'.  Although Shane O'Neill originally hails from Australia, he decided to establish April Skateboards in his current place of residence - the skateboarding mecca of California, USA.

Since its inception, April has managed to attract a roster of highly skilled and influential riders, solidifying its position as a leading brand in the industry. These riders, handpicked by O'Neill himself, bring a unique style and flair to the team, further enhancing April's reputation and appeal. One of the key factors contributing to April's success is their ability to produce awe-inspiring videos that showcase the most progressive and technically advanced skateboarding in the world. Their videos, such as 'Reply' and 'Turbo Green,' have racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views..

Notable team riders, such as Yuto Horigome and Dashawn Jordan, have also released standalone video parts under the April Skateboards banner. These individual showcases highlight their exceptional talents and further solidify April's position as a brand that supports and nurtures the growth of its riders.