June 21, 2019 2 min read

In this article, we'll be re-visiting a topic that we discussed towards the tail end of 2017: the importance of #supportyourlocal in the skateboarding community/industry.  

With the spotlight shining high and bright on skateboarding at the moment, the community and industry are thriving more now than ever before. This is the result of the brands, stores and consumers supporting the scene and keeping it healthy. There is, however, a cost associated with this recent increase in popularity. Large sports retailers, such as Sports Direct, are using this opportunity to cash in; they can sell boards for considerably cheaper than independent, skater-owned stores can. Whilst you may be able to save a little bit of money in the short-term, it's so much more beneficial to shop with your local skate shop, than it is to buy from sports conglomerates. That's why we'd like to outline the importance of supporting your local skate store.

We spoke to a number of individuals from the skateboarding industry when planning this article. Three out of four interviewees were store owners, so the insight we've been blessed with is invaluable. These are people whose lives revolve around skating and the community that comes with it! If that doesn't show dedication and appreciation, then I don't know what will. Through our conversations, we learnt what the definition of '#supportyourlocal' means to different people. For example, Nick Sharratt of Palomino said, 'It is where young skaters or people new to the culture can learn what skateboarding is all about and meet people who are also of a like-minded persuasion and form lifelong friendships.' Closer to home is our very own Ian Budd, owner and brains behind Pretend Supply Co, who spoke about how the skate shop is the heart of the local scene; this involves promoting events, putting on video premieres and hooking up the local kids. These guys live and breath skateboarding, they aren't here to make a quick buck from it. You can read the interviews in full here and learn more about what these gents have to say. 

We're not telling you where you should and shouldn't spend your money, but we're just asking you to consider your options. Think of the positive impact that it'll have on your local scene, these are the guys supporting it. They're helping out the youngsters, giving them somewhere to chill-out and talk skateboarding. 

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