September 19, 2017 2 min read

Heritage-brand Levi's, widely known for their robust denim, are leaving their print on the skateboarding scene with their most recent collection. 

An amass of workwear silhouettes with style cues from 90's era skateboarding style. This collection sees a classic Levi's 501, a skaters favorite for years, specifically tweaked for the skating community. The 501 has been made to withstand slams from any height and will be sure to do so with Lycra fiber for flexibility and Cordura fiber to protect the wearer from abrasions. To pay homage to the scene, the names for the colourways derive from skateboarding trivia. The No Comply  (named after an 80's skateboard trick), is a faded grey colour and the Wallenberg, (named after a famous skateboard spot in California) is a darker shade of blue. The third and final colour is a simple black. We also have a selection of other models: 511 and 512. 

The most eye-catching part of this collection is undeniably the outerwear pieces, with classics such as the Sherpa Trucker Jacket to the Military Jacket. As some of the most affordable outerwear available on the market, that will actually keep you warm during a skate session or on you're way back from the pub, it would be silly not to scoop one up at these prices - ranging from £85 - £95. 

If you're in the market for a new t-shirt this season, then try out the LSC Core t-shirt which has a suitably appropriate graphic on the back - a bin lorry. As the collection is largely inspired by the Sunset Scavengers - the largest organisation in San Francisco who collected debris and rubbish after the earthquake in 1906 - this seems appropriate. 

The collection is available now, online and in-store at Pretend Supply Co! If you're in the area of Witney then feel free to pop in for any skating/clothing related advice.