February 10, 2018 2 min read

New Year, New skate set-up. 

Shake up on the board wall #supportyourlocalskateshop

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Coming into the second month of the new year, February that is, means that it's time to treat yourself to some new hardware. Decks, bearings, trucks, wheels (obviously!), if you need it then we've got it. A handy feature on our site is the live chat on the right hand-side, so if you're lost just ask away. 

If you're in the market for a new deck, then look no further. At Pretend Supply Co we pride ourselves on our infamous deck wall, featuring hardware from the likes of Palace Skateboards to Call Me 917, in a range of sizes too, from 8.12" up to 8.5". Yesterday saw us get a new arrival of decks from Palace which consisted of 13 new models we haven't seen before, 7 from pros like Lucien and Rory Millanes. If those two giants don't tickle your fancy, how about 14:01 Skateboard Company? Designed in the UK and produced in Europe, you can be assured they've got our stamp of approval! 

So, you've got your deck sorted but no trucks or wheels? You're not gonna get very without either or them, unless you plan on using the deck like a snowboard. The type and size of trucks that you choose will affect your stability on the board and the kind of tricks you can and can't do, so choose wisely. When choosing what type of wheels you want, you can go for a brand like Spitfire whom are industry-recognised for their wheels, as is a brand like Wayward; both brands available on our site. Much like decks, trucks and wheels come in a variety of sizes to suit you. 

Universally sold in sets of 8, bearingsare measured by an ABEC rating from 1 to 9 and above. An ABEC rating of 1 will give you a bearing that is the least expensive, whereas a rating of  7, available from the likes of Modus and Independent, will be pricier and of better performance. 

If you're a beginner and looking to get into skating, but are daunted at the prospect of buying all those separate components, then pay us a visit in-store and we'd be more than happy to advise you on a set-up built purpose for you. Or, failing that, you can purchase complete boards online, including ones from the Oxford-natives, SS20. 



Now that short, and hopefully informative, guide is out of the way, we can share some of our latest hardware from over the past months. In the last month we've had arrivals from Fucking Awesome, Palace, 14:01, 917, Almost and Flip, even got Tom Penney's stamp of approval on his pro board.. With prices varying from £38 for on sale 14:01 boards up to £65 for the sought-after 917 boards, there's something for all budgets. 

Flip Skateboards - Tom Penney Deck (£44)

Palace Skateboards South Bank (£46)

Call Me 917 - Racer Deck (£65)