September 13, 2018 2 min read

Right, listen here, no squabbling over this stuff. There's plenty to go around between all of you - socks, shirts, t-shirts, bags and sweatshirts. 

Polar Skate Co dropped their Fall '18 collection on us last week and we've got to say this is one of their best offerings since we've been carrying them. Pontus Alv and his Malmo-based team are smashing it, season after season, and they aren't showing signs of letting up now. With their Fall '18 collection still hot on everyone's lips with its diverse offering, we are here to show you what pieces we received at Pretend Supply Co

If your aim is to look good whilst on the board then is the one for you; after all, the skate and clothing style of Polar riders is very distinct. The Polar gear is the perfect fusion between authentic skate-apparel and playful clothing. The 'Pontus Alv' shirt is a clear standout. Pontus Alv's, the frontman of PSC, style of drawing - bold and very unique - manifests itself on a short-sleeved shirt with an all-over graphic print; if you've seen Alv's previous work you'll be a huge fan, as are we. Made in Portugal out of a viscose and polyester blend, this is suited for all of you whose fall weather is on the warmer side. Unfortunately, us Brits don't have that luxury this time of year. 


 A little bit of embroidery on your mind? This'll be right up your street - chest embroidered graphic t-shirts in dark green and dark blue. So whether you're feeling down or you're feeling extra green then you can dress for the occasion. Not interested in embroidery? Or you fancy a little graphic to spruce things up then you can always rely on Polar to deliver! From their 'Lambo Life' to their 'Secrets' fill logo, these are perfect. 

Surely you can't have made it this far down and thought we'd have forgotten about their offering of bags - tote bags, hip bags or dealer bags. There's a little bit of everything on offer depending on your style..

Or, if you've made this far and you aren't interested in the clothing, then check out their most recent skate film, 'We blew it at some point.' 34 minutes of Polar-skating-goodness from the talents of Hjalte Halberg, Emile Laurent and Roman Gonzalez, amongst others. 

Shop the collection on Pretend Supply Co now.