July 13, 2018 2 min read

One of Adidas' most clean and classic models of recent times gets a 3M makeover: the Adidas 3MC Vulc. And no, before you ask, that doesn't mean the trainer is 3 metres long! 3M is a retro-reflective material that reflects light back to its source. It does indeed make for a pretty cool picture and it offers you skaters and cyclists out there additional safety protection at night. DISCLAIMER: That is a joke, wear a helmet and all the other bits.  

This skate-ready silhouette features a reinforced canvas upper and flexible Geoflex outsole that moves naturally with your foot and has great board feel. In short, it's bloody comfortable and good to skate in. Also, at only £55 it's not the end of the world when it eventually gets torn to bits from endless skating. 

The rise of Adidas footwear designed solely for skating means there is an abundance of styles available from us. Whether you're looking for something along the lines of the City Cup x Miles Silvas or a Matchcourt Slip-on, we've got a plethora of models available in-store and online. Additionally, if you're looking for something that'll suit your style of skating, street or park, then let us know and we'll do what we can to accommodate your needs! 

The Adidas 3MC Vulc is selling quick so if you think you might be interested, then grab a pair now before they're gone forever... Limited sizes left. 

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