March 18, 2018 1 min read

One for all you avid motorcycling fans out there, Deus Ex Machina. Or if you're just a fan of our arsenal of brands that we stock here, stay tuned..

Bringing together an authentic love for surfing and skating, Deus is a company with their fingers in more than one pie. With consistency across the board, you know when you buy a Deus product you're guaranteed a high-quality product.

For Spring 2018 we've been blessed with some cracking product from the Australian brand. Graphic t-shirts and short-sleeves are a small part of the delivery but pack a punch with their original graphics. Suited better to Australia where it's warm 90% of the year, compared to the UK where it rains 90% of the year - you might want to consider a holiday when your order comes in. Highlights for us include the Miyagi Dean short-sleeve shirt which is a Rayon/Cotton blend, so it's gonna feel smoother than your skin after you've had a shave. 



Get your hands on some Deus gear and buy into the culture of the brand by buying from Pretend Supply Co