November 02, 2018 2 min read

This is for those of you out there who treat the first Autumn chill of the year the same as doomsday-preppers treat an abnormal amount of rain, in fear of a flood. 

So, the last week in the UK has felt pretty Baltic and when you're out skating in that weather it can get to you after a while. Your fingers get cold and your hands get stiff; you might even have to abandon the session due to the chill. At Pretend Supply Co, we know how you feel, so we've compiled our favourite staples for the colder weather; sweatshirts, jackets and beanies, all of that good stuff! 

Without further ado, I'm gonna get straight into this.


Jackets are absolutely crucial in the colder seasons, particularly for layering purposes. If you're going to be that person that complains of how cold they are, then you didn't prepare yourself properly! With the mornings sitting at around 2 degrees, you've got to have a warm jacket so you aren't caught short. Whether you opt for a sherpa-lined, trucker jacket from Levi's or a pullover anorak from Adidas, you're one step closer to maximum heat retention. The anorak from Adidas is particularly practical this time of year, wielding waterproof and warm properties to keep you covered in all conditions.

Take a look below at what jackets we've selected. 



If your head is cold, then your brain is cold and if your brain is cold then how are you even thinking straight? Be kind to your brain this season and buy it a little tea-cosy to keep it warm. Whether you go for a Dickies 'Fisherman' style hat in black or you fancy the bolder, orange Adidas beanie; your head will be thankful for your decision. Ranging in price from £15 to £22, it's a small cost to keep your head warm and give you a hairstyle you didn't ask for, all at the same time. 

Have a gander at the beanies below and see what takes your fancy!



 When a jacket isn't necessarily needed you reach for the sweatshirt, or hoodie! Our finest selection ranges from Obey to Polar to Levis, so there is something to match everyone's individual taste. We've picked out a Polar fleece, a Levis pullover and Former 'Codex' crewneck - a brand that we have recently welcomed to our arsenal. The Former piece features a glitch graphic on the back whereas the Levis and Polar pieces are a bit more toned down, if that's what you're going for. With prices ranging from £50 to £90

See what sweatshirts tickle your fancy. 


You can find all of these pieces on our site now - some are even on sale so you'll be saving a bit of money! We also have a 15% off code if you enter FRIGHTNIGHT at the checkout.