September 26, 2018 2 min read

FORMER is self-described as 'Independently owned and operated, with the intention of creating, designing and producing what we like to wear and be a part of.' 


Set up by a quartet of Craig Anderson, Dane Reynolds, Austyn Gillette and Dylan Rieder (RIP), a split between surfers and skaters, to put their own imprint on the skating landscape. With a unique vision, that's caught on, to offer high-quality garments at affordable prices, FORMER has a bright future ahead... Talks of setting up a brand stem back to 2012 during a Team Average trip up Eastern Australia, between Rieder and Cambell Milligan. But, these plans/discussions weren't acted upon due to technicalities with sponsorship's and such. Since being at the hands of large corporations for years with regards to sponsorship's, they wanted to create a brand they wanted to ride for and rep the clothing; whilst keeping their integrity in tact and doing what they wanted to do. There's no outside backing involved with FORMER, despite the interest from investors to get involved.  

FORMER is a recent addition to our arsenal of brands here at Pretend Supply Co, but our visions are firmly aligned. With an emphasis on producing high-quality garments at an affordable price; this is something we can proudly stand by. Our first drop from them includes a range of accessories: a rose pin, socks and tote bag with screen-printed artwork that resembles a thumbprint. 


To accompany those accessories are a range of graphic t-shirts - there's four if you want to be pedantic - featuring unique, original artwork on a boxy-fit t-shirt. The Formation tee comes in either black or mustard with a graphic on the front and back of the shirt, which says 'Enjoy the spectacle.' Or, you could go for the Spectacle shirt or Radiant Crux, whichever tickles your fancy! All of these shirts come pre-washed so you don't have to worry about shrinking - wash on cold just incase - or any dye leaking off. 


With colder weather approaching now that we're into Autumn, in the UK at least, we can't speak for the rest of the world, sweatshirts might be more up your street. Not to say you can't wear t-shirts when it's cold, but warmth is always a top priority this time of year. The Codex Thermal Crew is a waffle-knit crewneck respectively priced at £85. Or, you can choose a pullover crewneck, both featuring the same back print - priced slightly higher at £90, but you'd understand why if you saw this beauty in the flesh. 

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