May 08, 2017 1 min read

Alltimers have blessed us with re-worked classics and brand new graphics this drop. 

Alltimers is a new arrival to our arsenal of brands, but the New-York based label has a well-deserved spot in our store. The brand uses amusing images of celebrities, such as Ryan Gosling and Whitney Houston, and references to popular culture throughout their collections, which is adored by their cult-like following. They're still relatively new on the scene but they're making a lot of noise - check out some of their skate videos and you'll understand why. 

Classic graphics that we've grown to love at Pretend Supply Co are the 'League Player' and 'Sears', which we saw from their 2015 collaboration with Montreal-based, Dime, these items are being re-released this season! New items include the 'Rigatoni' t-shirt and a range of hardware, some featuring Whitney Houston and others featuring cheerleaders, which reflects their goofy graphics. The collection features a burst of pastel colors, if that's your thing, from baby blue to pale yellow. If you don't want color this season, stick to the grey 'League Players' hoodie or black 'Rigatoni' shirt

At Pretend Supply Co, we are proud to be stockists of Alltimers new Spring 2017 collection but make sure you get your pieces quick as product is flying out!